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(2-6 players)

The unsinkable Titanic has started taking in water after striking an iceberg. You and your family have become trapped in your cabin and must now find a way out to reach one of the lifeboats. Can you get to the lifeboats in time?

Prices vary based on number of players 
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(2-6 players)

You and your friends have been kidnapped by a group of men hoping to leverage your safe return for a hefty ransom. Your captors have locked you up in a basement in an unknown location - these men have been known to mail fingers to encourage families to pay. Can you escape this fate?

Prices vary based on number of players 


(4-8 players)

Since the discovery of an ancient Egyptian tomb, nearly all of the involved archeologists have died or been killed in mysterious ways. Your team has been enlisted to return a golden scarab beetle to end this curse. Can you return the scarab and escape the tomb?

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